May 1: Nominations Announcement

May 29: Winners' Circle

June 1: Awards Gala

Best New Magazine Writer

This award will go to a writer whose early work in magazines (Print Magazine, Tablet Magazine or Magazine Website) shows the highest degree of craft and promise. The award is open to students and magazine writers with a maximum of two years’ experience in professional journalism. The intent is to restrict this award to emerging writing talent in Canadian magazines.


Eligible work must have been published between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2017, must be non-fiction and a minimum of 1,000 words in length. The candidate must not have a published article longer than 1,000 words in any magazine prior to 2016. Articles published in university/college magazines are eligible. Only 1 entry per person.

Submission requirements: Hard copies are not required. Entrants must upload a PDF of the article and a letter of reference from a teacher, mentor, editor or colleague, attesting to the candidate’s eligibility and providing context for the submitted work. The entry fee is $95. The winner receives a cash prize of $1000.


The deadline for entries is January 22, 2018.


Previous Winners of Best New Magazine Writer

2016 - Amorina Kingdon - The Questionable Science of Vancouver’s Port Expansion” (Hakai Magazine)

2015 - Desmond Cole - "The Skin I'm In" (Toronto Life)

2014 - Genna Buck - "Finding a Place" (Maisonneuve)

2013 - Catherine McIntyre - "Clusterf*ck" (THIS Magazine)
2012 - Sierra Skye Gemma - “The Wrong Way” (The New Quarterly)

2011 - Liam Casey, “Suicide Notes” (Ryerson Review of Journalism)
2010 - Matthieu Aikins, "Last Stand in Kandahar" (The Walrus)
2009 - Danielle Groen, "This is Your Brain on Love" (Chatelaine)
2008 - Kris Demeanor, "Get a Real Job" (unlimited)
2007 - Patrick White, "Red Rush" (The Walrus)
2006 - Jeremy Klaszus, "Big Oil on Trial" (AlbertaViews)
2005 - Larry Frolick, "The Wired Cabin"; "Danger Signs" (Outpost)
2004 - Sophie Lees (AlbertaViews)
2003 - Chantal Srivastava (L'actualité)
2002 - Jean-Francois Bégin (L'actualité)
2001 - Jonathan Trudel (L'actualité)

2000 - Matthew McKinnon

Previous Winners of Best New Visual Creator

2014 - Hudson Christie - "A Portrait of the Artist with Testicles in Hand" (Maisonneuve)
2011 - The Coveteur,Gifts” (Report on Business)
2009 - Byron Eggenschwiler "Tales from Riverheights Terrace" (Swerve)

Previous Winners of Best Student Writer
2008 - Chris Watt, "Iraq's Walking Dead", Maisonneuve
2007 - Julia Belluz, “I” (Ryerson Review of Journalism)

2006 - Buffy Cram, "Man Hands," Prairie Fire
2005 - Leigh Doyle, "So Long" (Ryerson Review of Journalism)