Magazine of the Year


The award for Magazine of the Year is the most prestigious award bestowed upon a Canadian magazine. This award will go to the magazine that most consistently engages, surprises and serves the needs of its readers. 


Submission Requirements: Entries consist of a completed application form in which the submitter must provide details on each of the four general criteria (see below), as well as six (6) sets of any three issues of the magazine from 2016. Submitters may choose to submit additional supporting documentation, such as event materials, special editions or publications, branded merchandise, media kits, etc.


1. Quality (25%): How does the magazine deliver quality editorial content, packaging and design to its readers, across various platforms? (Submitters should include specific examples of content, design, and/or packaging.)


2. Innovation (25%): How has the magazine been successful in creating opportunities to reach and grow its audience? (Submitters may include specific examples of strategies, tools, initiatives, concepts, partnerships, and other means of audience development unique or special to the magazine.)


3. Impact (25%): How does the magazine measure engagement with its audience, and what evidence is there that it provides a rewarding experience to its readers? (Submitters may include any relevant data, as well as media coverage, awards, honours, and other forms of recognition.)


4. Brand Awareness (25%): How has the magazine built an engaging, reliable and trustworthy identity? (Submitters may highlight elements such as social media campaigns, special events, digital projects, anniversaries, special publications, business and brand development, etc.)


The entry fee for this award is $150.


The deadline for entries for this award is January 27. Hard-copy material must be received by January 27.



The award for Magazine of the Year is judged by a three-member jury comprised of an editor, an art director and a publisher or executive, all of whom are recognized as leaders in the Canadian magazine industry. Each member of the jury evaluates all entries, and in discussion the jury will come to a consensus on three finalists and from them a single winner. The other finalists will receive Honourable Mention. 


Reminder: Written & visual content from digital magazines and magazine websites is still eligible in most NMA categories




Magazine of the Year

2014 - Maisonneuve

2014 - Nouveau Projet

2013 - Cottage Life
2012 - Corporate Knights

2011 - Maisonneuve
2010 - MoneySense
2009 - Up Here
2008 - AlbertaViews
2007 - Toronto Life
2006 - The Walrus
2005 - Maclean's
2004 - Maisonneuve
2003 - Border Crossings
2002 - Outpost
2001 - Canadian Geographic
2000 - Azure
1999 - Chatelaine
1998 - Adbusters
1997 - Vancouver Magazine
1996 - Canadian Living
1995 - Canadian House & Home
1994 - Canadian Art
1993 - Owl & Chickadee
1992 - Cottage Life
1991 - The Idler
1990 - West
1989 - Toronto Life
1988 - Applied Arts Quarterly
1987 - Report on Business
1986 - Quill & Quire
1985 - Toronto Life
1984 - Saturday Night
1983 - Vancouver
1982 - Equinox


From 1982-2002, there were separate awards for President's Medal (top article) and Magazine of the Year (top magazine). Since 2002 there has been no award for the top overall article. From 2002-2005, the President's Medal was instead awarded to the Magazine of the Year. Since 2006, the name 'President's Medal' was dropped in favour of simply Magazine of the Year.


Magazine Website of the Year (formerly Magazine of the Year-Digital) 

2014 - Hazlitt

2013 - Maclean's
2012 - Hazlitt

2011 -
2010 -
2009 - Dogs in Canada


Tablet Magazine of the Year

2014 - Today's Parent

2013 - Sportsnet 

2012 - Canadian House & Home